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OUR PAST Alliances

2023 Season


Robot Roll Call

Team #6610

Robot Roll Call had a robot that used its claw intake to pick up cubes and score them on the bottom row. Even though their bot was slow, they were the main scorer in Match 1 of the Finals in the Week #1 Kettering Competition.

Bendle High School

Kingston Robo-Cards

Team #4994

Even though we tipped over in auton, the Robo-Cards had our back! They flipped us back over so we could... sit there the whole match. They flipped over in the first match too, but they were great scoring on the top row! Thank you for partnering with us at the Week #1 Kettering Competition!

Kingston Jr Sr High School

Screenshot 2023-03-29 150758_edited.jpg


Team #3452

Although their bot was slow, they were fast to score cones on top rows! They got fed cones by #4216 and scored them on top rows to get more points. They were great partners in the Week #2 Lakeview Competition.

Berrien Springs High School

Blue Ops Robotics

Team #4216

Blue Ops Robotics had a bot that would pick up cones and/or cubes and deliver them either to their teammates or the bottom row. They are quick and fast to score and were great teammates in the Week #2 Lakeview Competition!

East Jackson Secondary School

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